Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can use the University Web Enrolment System (UWES)?

A: Students (except for freshmen, returnees/readmitted, degree holder, cross-enrolees, non- credit, transferees, and shiftees) who activated their UWES account prior to the enrolment schedule set by the College Registrar’s Office (CRO).

For freshmen, returnees/readmitted, degree holder, cross-enrolees, non-credit, transferees, and shiftees, you have to go to your home department for enrolment..

Q: How do I activate my UWES account?

A: To activate your UWES account, go to Enter your student number and your SAIS PIN (The 6-digit PIN used when inquiring assessment at the kiosk outside the ADNU Treasurer’s office). You will be asked to change your password. After successfuly changed your password, your UWES account will be activated.

Q: Are there any requirements needed to activate my UWES account?

A: Only accounts of students with PRE-ADVISEMENT (PRE-REGISTRATION) and with NO DEFICIENCIES will be activated. Make sure you have availed PRE-ADVISEMENT (that is usually conducted months before the end of the semester prior to enrolment) and you DONOT have deficiencies prior to the activation of your UWES account.

Q: What if I used the UWES last enrolment, do I still need to activate my UWES account??

A: You need to activate/re-activate your UWES account every semester prior to the enrolment.

Q: What if I did not activate my UWES account, can I still access the system?

A: NO, you cannot access UWES.

If you were not able to activate your UWES account due to reasons such as NO PRE- ADVISEMENT and/or WITH DEFICIENCIES, go to your home department for enrolment.

Q: What if I have availed ADVISEMENT, but the UWES block me from activating my UWES account?

A: Go to your home department to settle your concern.

Q: After I successfully activated my UWES Account, what’s next?

A: You can now access and enrol using the UWES facility.

Q: Is there a queue number given during account activation?

A: Queue number is no longer given during UWES account activation. Queueing will happen during enrolment. The UWES implements "departmental queueing" during enrolment wherein the students will be accommodated in the UWES on a "first access, first serve" basis. UWES can accommodate 200 users/slots at a given time. The 200 slots are distributed in the different departments. A department may be given 5 to 50 slots at a given time [it depends on the student population per department]. If all the slots alloted to your department are being used at a given time, you will be placed in the WAITING LIST. But this does not mean that you have to wait until all users are done. When a slot becomes available, the next user(s) in line will be able to use the open slot(s).

Q: How would you know if you are in the waiting list?

A: When you try to log-in, a message will be displayed "You are in the waiting list... N Students(s) to go before your turn."
N = number of students queued in the waiting list.
Once the slot becomes available to you, a message will display "YOU CAN NOW USE UWES".To log-in again, type your username and password.

Q: When can I enrol using UWES?

A: The UWES will only be accessible during the enrolment schedule specified by the University. Check enrolment schedule set by the College Registrar’s Office (CRO).

Q: How do I access the University Web Enrolment System (UWES)?

A: To access the enrolment web service, you do the following:

  1. Open a web browser. (Note: For better browsing experience, use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
  2. Type in the Address bar of your browser:
  3. Enter your student number and the password set during activation. Once logged-in, you have 45 minutes to complete the enrolment.

Q: Is UWES open 24 hrs during enrolment period?

A: UWES will open at 8:00AM during day 1 and will be open until the end of the enrolment period.

Q: Can I enrol using UWES even without pre-advisement?

A: NO, you cannot enrol using UWES if you do not have ADVISEMENT. Your UWES account will not be ACTIVATED if you do not meet the requirements needed and that is you SHOULD HAVE AN ADVISEMENT prior to activation.

Q: Do I get to choose my schedule?

A: YES, you can choose your subject schedule provided that there is still an AVAILABLE slot.

Q: Can I add subjects that are not in my advisement?

A: NO, you cannot add subjects that are not in your advisement. If you want to add subjects not in the advisement or in the alternative list, you have to go to your home department for this concern.

Q: Can I delete and change subject schedules I already enlisted?

A: YES, you can delete and change subject schedules of all advised subjects provided that you have not yet generated your assessment.

Q: Can I enrol in an advised subject even though I failed in its prerequisite?

A: You cannot enrol in the advised subject if you failed in its prerequisite or you do not have grade yet in the prerequisite. For prerequisite with no grade yet, please call and address your concern to the College Registrar’s Office (CRO) or your home department.

Q: Can I enrol the prerequisite I failed in my enlisted subjects?

A: You cannot enrol in the prerequisite you failed if it is not in your advisement or alternative list.

Q: Can I exceed the number of units to enrol?

A: You cannot enrol beyond the units indicated in the system. The number of units displayed in the UWES is based on your curricular program. If you are identified as in Academic Probation, the UWES will indicate a maximum of eighteen (18) units. If you want to enrol beyond the units indicated, go to your home department for the approval and the enlistment of the additional subjects.

Q: Can I add and/or drop subjects in UWES?

A: Adding and dropping of subjects will not be facilitated in the UWES. The student is advised to do the transaction in the College Registrar’s Office (CRO) on the specified dates provided by the CRO.

Q: How will I know if the enrolment was successful? What will I do next?

A: To finalize your enrolment via UWES, you need to click the Print Assessment button to generate your assessment in PDF format. (Once the Assessment is generated, you already completed your enrolment transaction using UWES. This means that you can no longer edit(add and/or delete) your enlisted subjects)

You can now directly go to the Treasurer’s Office or Bank to pay for your enrolment fee.

Q: How do I generate and print my Assessment?

A: Click the Print Assessment button to generate your assessment in PDF format. Save the PDF and print it. A copy of the assessment in PDF is also sent in your email.

The printed Assessment form will serve as your Matriculation form. Since the form is system generated, no signature of the Department Chair or Registrar is required. You can directly go to the Treasurer’s Office or Banks to pay your enrolment fees.

Q: What if I lost my printed Assessment generated in UWES, can I still print it?

A: YES you can still print it. If you did not save a copy of the PDF in your PC or storage device, you can get a copy of your Assessment by visiting the UWES login page and click GET ASSESSMENT button. Enter your UWES username and password and a copy of your assessment will be displayed.

Q: Should I need the printed Assessment validated by the department chair?

A: The Assessment is system generated signature of the department chair or the Registrar is NO LONGER required.

Q: How do I pay my fees after enrolling?

A: You can pay your enrolment fee using any of the following methods:

  1. ADNU CASHIER – Go and line up at the ADNU Treasurer’s Office to pay your enrolment fees.
  2. BANK
    1. Pay the enrolment fee indicated in the printed assessment. Account Name: Ateneo de Naga University Savings Account Number: for BPI: 8863-0478-04 for BDO: 005970114724
    2. Submit a copy of the validated deposit slip indicating there the name of the student and id number to avoid deletion upon enrolment. To do this, either:
      • Go to the ADNU Cashier and submit a copy of the validated deposit slip
      • Send by fax the validated deposit slip to (054) 8112826
      • Send by email a scanned copy of the validated deposit slip to
    3. Present the printed assessment to the cashier for enrolment validation.

Q: How else can I pay my tuition without going and lining up at the Treasurer’s Office?

A: Pay through BANKS.

Q: What will happen if I do not pay my fees on time?

A: Enlisted subjects in the UWES are valid for three (3) days only. Please check your Assessment form for the date of deletion.

Failure to pay the Initial Enrollment Fee (IEF) means deletion of enlisted subjects.

Q: What if I forget my UWES password?

A: Go to and click the forgot password link make sure your account is activated.

Q: Who should I call for inquiries and/or concerns regarding my enrolment?

A: For technical concerns, contact the Management Information Systems (MIS) using the contact form provided in the UWES site or through their trunkline 8814147 or email us at
For enrolment concerns, contact the College Registrar’s Office (CRO) through their trunkline 8814125 .